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Our Impact

The impact of Rally4Kids on the United Boys and Girls Club in Santa Barbara County is evident through several significant achievements:

Established a New Site in Buellton

Rally4Kids played a pivotal role in the establishment of a new club site in Buellton, expanding the organization’s reach and providing additional resources for youth in the community.

Established a New Site in Solvang

Another noteworthy accomplishment facilitated by Rally4Kids is the creation of a new club site in Solvang, further extending the Boys and Girls Club’s presence and support in the region.

Extended Club Operations to Saturdays

Thanks to the support garnered from Rally4Kids, the Boys and Girls Club was able to extend its operations to Saturdays, offering additional opportunities and programming for the youth it serves.

Acquisition of Five Brand New Vans

Rally4Kids enabled the acquisition of five new vans, a critical asset that facilitated the safe and reliable transportation of youth from high-risk neighborhoods to and from the Boys and Girls Clubs. This transportation infrastructure enhanced accessibility and participation for those in need.

Utilized Vans for Pandemic Relief Efforts

During the challenging times of the pandemic, the vans procured through Rally4Kids were repurposed for a crucial mission. They were instrumental in delivering food to “high-need” housebound families, showcasing the adaptability of these resources to address emergent community needs.

In summary, the Rally4Kids initiative has not only expanded the physical presence of the Boys and Girls Club in Santa Barbara County but has also enhanced its capacity to serve the community through extended hours, improved transportation, and valuable contributions during times of crisis.

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